Redesigned Website

Welcome to the new look for We have decided to revamped the site to allow for a simpler way to keep all our fans and partners up to date. The design will allow me and my team to add content on a more regular basis as we don’t need to be web programmers to add a press release or picture gallery.
If you see something you like please let us know, we love to hear back from our fans. On the other side let us know if something could be improved or you would like to see a new feature.  In the coming months, the plan is to add videos and a Derek Robbie merchandise store to the site. Any other ideas are also welcome.

To start with I have updated my blog with the happenings from December. One of the new features we have added to the site is the ability to add comments to the blog. This way I can interact more with my fans and supporters. As mom likes to say I love to talk so now here is your chance to prove her right. LOL

Another project Dad has been working on for me is a promotional video. It is a really cool project. We have me talking, some racing video, in-car video and a slide show with me doing promotional work. It will even feature an original soundtrack written by one of Dad’s friends. Wait to you see it.

So take a look around and let us know what you think.  Remember it’s only a few short months till racing starts.

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