Offseason Update

Category: News
Published Date Written by Douglas Robbie
Oh my goodness, fans!

There has been so much going on during this offseason. As most of you know i am a freshman in college at Franklin Pierce University. I am a member of their track team as well and between studies, practice and meets I have been pretty busy. But do not fret, I have dad and crew at home preparing the car for 2015. We have gone through it, made some changes (have some more coming) and are readying a new motor. Alot of work but I have the best bunch of guys around me so I have the confidence it will be ready.

I also have been working on a few new marketing partners as well and hopefully will have some news there shortly as well.
So until this snow melts and we can see the asphalt again, everyone stay warm and we'll see you in the spring.


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