RACING OBJECTIVE: To tackle the highly competitive New England Pro4 Series and look to earn another championship to become the first to have a championship in the Limited Sportmands and Full Pro 4 divisions.
AGE: 17
HOMETOWN: Bellingham, Ma.


October 2013    

Crowned Pro4 Limited Sportmans Champion
Youngest Champion in Series history
6 wins, 9 top tens

April 2011 - Present

Driver of the DDR Motorsports #27 Pro 4 Modifieds of New England

May 2012 -   August 2012

Driver of the Rund Racing #64 Sport Truck, driven at Seekonk Speedway

February 2012

Graduate from Race101 Driver Development program in Denver, NC

Received "Outstanding Achievement" Award from Race101

October 2011

2011 Rookie of the Year in the Pro Four Modifieds of New England

2 Pro4 Limited Division wins, 3 top tens in 9 races.

August2009 – Oct 2010

Driver of DDR Motorsports Micro Sprint Race Car at Whip City Speedway in Westfield, Ma.

6 wins, 8 top 5’s and 15 top 10’s in 16 races

February2004 – October 2009


Driver of DDR Motorsports Quartermidget Race Car Team at Little T Speedway, Thompson, Ma.






Derek is a fun-loving 17-year-old young man who truly enjoys life. During his free time, he enjoys being in the fresh air playing basketball, riding his bike, or running through the woods. The rest of the time away from school is spent in the garage working on his race car. A requirement he knows leads to success. Derek is currently a senior at Bellingham High School and has participated on the cross-country team for four years, and runs the 2 mile race for the Winter and Spring track teams, all while maintaining straight A's.
As a bright upperclassman student at Bellingham High School, Derek has established himself as an elite student athlete ranking high with good finishes in the Massachusetts State Coaches’, Sectional and State meets in 2010, 2011,  2012 & 2013. Derek also has a super sense of humor that is captivating to everyone around him. All of these traits lead to a well-rounded young man who is driven to succeed, both on and off the track.

Nick-named “The Accelerator” when he was learning to walk Derek has maintained this pace throughout his life. His focus now is accelerating on the track. Every chance Derek gets is concentrating around going faster in his race car.

This all started at the beginning of his life, and his early exposure to racing. It first began with him and his family following Derek’s dad, Doug Robbie, around New England has he worked on various Whelen Modified Series race teams. Names such as Pasteryak, Meservey, Baldwin and Tomaino became common to Derek as the people his family associated with. Therefore it was no surprise when the family purchased a Quartermidget in 2003 that Derek would begin his pursuit as a racer.

Starting at the age of 8, Derek has always been involved with his race car. From the early days of making sure it was clean, to the present day where he is honing his chassis tuning skills along with his driving expertise, Derek is constantly striving to increase his knowledge. Throughout his career he has learned not only the mechanical component to racing but also has had a focus on the marketing and PR aspects of stock car racing. Using all the tools at his disposal along with his drive for victory makes Derek a great representative for any company looking to increase its market presence.

For the future, Derek is looking to gaining a solid education as he plans on pursuing an involvement in sports management as a career. Using the skills he has learned with racing will surely help him lay a solid foundation as he continuously gets more and more involved in the daily operations of his race team.

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