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The Off Season Featured

by Derek Robbie
Derek Robbie
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on Dec 19 in Derek' Racing Stories 0 Comments
The worst part of race season! The off-season! There are so many decisions to make during the off-season! Questions like, whether you should keep the car you have now or sell it. If you sell it, what will you buy? Also decisions on how to keep your fans updated, and what businesses to chase for sponsorship! These all cross my mind constantly when there is no car to get ready for the next race.

For my dad and I, we decided it was time to sell the Pro4 Modified and move up in divisions to a full size modified. The search for a big mod has started. Dad has started to look at a few cars, but he has also talked to a few people about possibly partnering up to race together! Yet nothing is even close to being official, dad has a lot going on concerning my future!

We are also starting to look for marketing partners and sponsorship! The more businesses I have partnerships with the more it make driving a big modified possible! I want to make that happen for sure! So if you know someone who could benefit from a unique marketing plan, let us know we can generate some ideas to help grow their business.

Another thing I have been doing this off season is helping my dad start a new business he has always wanted to do. He has started a motorsports development program to help teach racers about anything in racing that they may not know but want to know more about! He tells me he will search high and low to get some one and answer. Check out for more information! I am very excited to be involved in this program as a mentor!

To close my blog out I want to tell everyone to head over to Facebook and check out Derek Robbie Motorsports! I posted a video blog about how my off season is going! I also plan to start doing Saturday mornings with Derek Robbie again to keep everyone up to date on my off season and the lead up to an exciting 2016 season.

Thanks for reading my blog. Have a great and safe holiday season.

Derek Robbie
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