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Last Race and Ending season thoughts Featured

by Derek Robbie
Derek Robbie
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Who knew we would be in this spot by the end of the year. A season that went from missing a few races to attending all the events. There were a lot of up and downs through out the season, but in the end I learned a lot through out the year. The different driving techniques I learned  helped progress me as a driver. Going in to the last race though,I still had 1 more race to learn.I went into thompson with a 5pt championship lead, but I was ready to do what I did every week. Just go for a top 3 and let the rest take care of its self.

For a lot of my division, they were able to practice on Friday. I had a cross country event on Friday so I was unable to make practice. Saturday morning they gave us 1 round of practice and I was ready to make the most of it. I got behind the 07x and the 1m who practiced Friday and followed their tire trikes. I was able to run up on there bumpers a few times. Since it was practice dad kept telling me set up the pass but do not fully make the pass. It is only practice. I did this a few times and was happy were the car sat. The car was a little snug in the middle off but I had a good piece.

Since there was 15 divisions racing at the world series over 2 days we had a lot of down time till our heat race. This gave me a bunch of time to watch and learn! I was ready for the heat race.I started 4th in the heat race. The plan was to get out and see how far up the field we could get. Right on the start the 60 started to look past the 07x. I stayed glued to the 07x bumper hoping to push her past the 60. Unfortunately the 60 and 07x got tangled together. I hit the 07x hard pushing the bumper back. The car was fine and kept going. Unfortunately the car started to go away on me and got worst and worst. I would settle for 4th. The 60 who I was in the championship battle with got 2nd. He would gain 1 point on me in the championship hunt. This meant if he beat me by two positions and we tied for the points he would win. So the magic number was 1 position behind him, but my main focus was to go out and just race. Once I got back to the pits after the heat though we found the RF tire was going flat. That would be why my car would just not turn. It was now on to the feature. We put a used rf tire on that we used at lee, and we were ready to go.

The feature came fast and it was time to go racing. I would start 2nd. The plan was to get out and just run my race. Right on the start the 00 checked out and I settled in to my marks. The car started to have a push in the middle. I had to keep backing up my corner to get a good run up and off the corner. Quickly the 60 got by me on lap 5 and started for the 00. This meant It was time to hold the field off as long as I could. The 04 tried to follow him but I was not making it easy. For the next 12 laps the 04 kept looking under me but I used the run off the corner to hold him off. He did get around me with 5 to go. I knew I needed to gain the spot back to get the championship. I did everything in my power to get around him. I could get to his bumper but I could just not get around him.I would have to settle for 4th. The car had a push in the middle I could just not get around. This meant the 60 and I tied for the championship. He won in the tie breaker. A heart breaker for sure but a prielage for sure for having the chance to run for the championship.

I want to first off say congrats to Andy and the 60 team on a hard fought year and a congrats on the championship. I want to say a big thank you to my mom and dad for all there support the whole year! This supported me with every decision I had and believe the world in me! I cherish every moment I get to be in the garage with my dad and learn about racing! A big thank you to Nick for his support the whole year! Dad and I were worried he would not make the whole year, because he learned so fast we worried he would get too bored. He was a huge help all year. A big thank you to Timmy, johnny, and Chris for there help through out the year. I want to say a big thank you to mark g! Between our weekly texts, and our race day drawings of the line I am driving you taught me so many lessons that helped me mature so much! I cant wait for the next lesson! A big thank you to the Pro 4 club for everything they did this season! Last a big thank you to all my sponsors. They are  adidas Motorsports, Franklin Pierce University, BaddAss Incorporated, Marshall's Jewelers, Shibles Family Mattress, Bellingham Parts Plus, RN Landscaping Management and RH2way Racing Communications. 

With the season at a end it is time to look to 2016. 2015 I progressed a lot as a driver. If it was learning how to battle close with another racer, or learning how to pass I learned a lot! I cant wait for 2016. We are not sure at this time what our 2016 plans are but we will keep everyone updated as we know! We are open to any idea for right now. In closing thank you to all my fans for all the support this year! I can not wait to see what we all can accomplish in 2016. Thank you
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