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by Derek Robbie
Derek Robbie
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on Aug 11 in Derek' Racing Stories 0 Comments
Finally! After 2 months off back to racing in the pro 4 modified! Off to Waterford Speedbowl we went! I have a love hate relationship with the track. We are always fast right off the trailer every time we go to this place, but something out of our hands always seems to go wrong. I was ready to change that luck.

Since we had two months off first practice was to be used to shake the car down, while 2nd practice would be used to fine tune the car. Right away it seemed just like that! First practice went flawless. I ran just around 5 laps and the car seemed very stable. The car was tight exiting the corner but really really good getting in the corner. We did notice a few times I had some smoke coming from the car, but we thought that was from the excess amount of speedy dry on the track. We did  not think anything of it and went off to second practice. We made a small adjustment to the car hoping to free it up.

Right away into second practice the small adjustment seemed to make a difference. Unfortunately the car had other ideas for us. The small amounts of smoke coming from the car in 1st practice became much bigger. I had to shut the car off and bring it into the pits for further examine. Right away we saw a lot of oil. After examining the car, and some help from Stan Mertz it was deemed the oil sender, that turns the fuel pump on and off, had a crack in it and was leaking oil. We replaced that and everything seemed good. For the heat race we put two new tires on and elected to go to the back just to be safe.

Right on the start I jumped around the 45 but had to stay on my toes. The 11a lost his shifter and was slowed in front of us. I jumped to the high side to get around him. The 45 got back under me, and we went off racing. Unfortunately I struggled to get around him and finished the race right behind him. The car still seemed tight. We decided to loosen the car up a little bit more. We did not do a big change because we did not want a loose car.

In the feature I started pole. I knew the 00 and 60 who started mid pack were going to be coming fast. My plan was get out and front and hold on as long as I can. Right on the start I did just thought. I cleared the 07 and put cruise control on. I tried to set the pace fast, but not to fast that I kill my tires. At lap 10 I had the 00 to my back bumper. It was time to give it my all. I was able to keep him back there for a few laps but with the use of lap traffic and his front bumper (cleanly) he got around me and the 60 followed. Sitting in third I wanted to stay with them in hopes they make a mistake. I did just that. They did not pull away from me. With 3 to go it seemed I had third locked up then the caution came out. It was going to be a single file restart! Right on the restart I got to the 60 bumper and hoped he was gonna punch a hole by the 00. Unfortunately the 00 did a great job holding us off. I came home third for my first podium finish of the year. I had a great car, it was just still tight coming off the corner.

I can not thank my crew enough for all there work. My dad, john, and chris worked hard all day to give me a great car! Also thank you to Stan for his help in our oil leak situation! Next Friday we are off to Lee Usa Speedway where I have been so many times,  but have never raced! That will be race 1 of 2 in 2 days! Then Saturday I head to Seekonk speedway to make my debut in the North East Mini Stock Tour! I am excited for both races.

Also thank you to all my sponsors for there continued support! They are adidas Motorsports, Franklin Pierce University, BaddAss Incorporated, Marshall's Jewelers, Shibles Family Mattress, Bellingham Parts Plus, RN Landscaping Management and RH2way Racing Communications enough for all their support! If you know anyone who wants to get involved with helping a race team please let me know. Any amount of help helps out a lot more than people think.
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