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by Derek Robbie
Derek Robbie
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August always becomes an exciting time for me. I get to move into school, and start my cross country season. This also means I am super busy! For the second year in a row, I had a Monadnock race fall on the day of freshman orientation! With me doing sports I have been moved in for over a week but I thought it would be cool to have the car on campus. I talked to the marketing guy and he was all for it. I had my car on campus for 9-12 meeting with students and showing off my Franklin Pierce Pro 4 Modified. We were trying to draw a crowd to the race! and oh boy did I. My whole cross country team (over 40 people) decided to make the trip to the race!
12 came fast and it was time to head to the track. Dad and I decided to go with the same setup we had last time at this race. The car was really fast towards the end of the race. Right in first practice though, the car was not to my liking. The car had a push going into the corner, but was fast up and off the corner. I was just not happy because I could not charge the corner. We decided to swap the right side tires. It looked like the right rear was gone. The car got better but still not to my liking. It was now push in, loose off. We made a small chassis adjustment, and we put 3 fresh Hoosier tires on.
In the heat race I started 5th. Right on the start I got behind the 60 and got by the 11a. I settled in for a lap to then get by the 15a. The 60 got by the 93, and I tried to follow him. My car did not have enough to get by the 93. I settled in to 3rd and rode there. Brought the car home in 3rd for the heat. The car was fast, but still had a push in. I was not happy with the car but was not sure of the change we needed to do. Even at first when talking to dad I could not explain what I needed for the car. The car was straight as a bullet down the straight but was horrible getting in the corner. After I walked away for a second and regrouped we decided to check the toe, and we found our change. We had 0 toe in the car. Made perfect sense to me once dad said that. We added toe to the car, and decided to tighten the sway bar up just a little. A change I always go to for comfort.
After we got the car good to go, I went out to the crowd. I had over 50 people there to watch me race. It was awesome to see my whole cross country team there at the race. They even made signs for me! I had to head back to the car quickly though it was race time! I was starting 1st.

The plan was to try and check out out front and hold on! Right away on the start I got out front but had the 60 right on my bumper. He eventually worked his way around me by lap 4. I settled him and just hit my marks. We both opened a lead on 3rd and 4th. The 60 opened 8 car lengths on me by lap 12, but the whole time my spotter (my dad) was going just hit your line, he will come back to you. Lap 12 I knew it was go time and I was holding nothing back, and boy was my dad right. I slowly started to close. By lap 17 I was a car length back. He opened it back up to 3 lap 18 when we lapped the 2, But I was back in to running him down. Lap 19 we hit a pack of 5 cars. My plan was to get by them and try the pass. Coming to 3 to go I was at his bumper lapping the last car, and he spun. He hit my nerf bar, but that was it. the caution came out. It was now a 4 lap shout out.
Right on the start he got me. I jammed the shiftier only part the way into 4th. I was forced to push the clutch in and get it fully into fourth gear. He opened 3 car lengths on me. We rode there and I brought the car home in 2nd. The car was just a light snug on entry but was good. We will be even better next time. The coolest part of the whole race was having my whole cross country team come down on to the track to celebrate! A whole 50 people for the picture! That was awesome!
I can not thank all my sponsors enough! They are adidas Motorsports, Franklin Pierce University, BaddAss Incorporated, Marshall's Jewelers, Shibles Family Mattress, Bellingham Parts Plus, RN Landscaping Management and RH2way Racing Communications enough for all their support! If you know anyone who wants to get involved with helping a race team please let me know. Any amount of help helps out a lot more than people think.
The next race for the Pro 4 Modifieds was scheduled for September 12th. Sadly I will be away in Pennsylvania for a cross country race. Also I want to send my sorrow out to the club for having to cancel that race as a whole. The next race will now be September 19th at Waterford Speedbowl! I want to better my 3rd place finish!
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