Search for a Champion Finalist

Search for a Champion Finalist

Derek Robbie chosen as contest finalist and pledges winnings

In the search for more notoriety, Derek Robbie was chosen as one of thirty (30) finalist in Champion Auto Parts Search for a Champion contest. It is the second time the Bellingham, MA racer has entered the annual contest and the first time he has made the round of finalists. The contest is for racers from all over to submit a written or video entry depicting why they feel they would be a good representative for Champion Auto Parts. Racers of all ages and experience entered the contest in hopes of being the Grand Prize winner of $50,000.  Each round of the contest is judged on Inspirational quality (34%), Best depiction of a Champion (33%), and Number of votes from the public (33%). Robbie had a strong showing in the first round as he was constantly in the top ten of most viewed videos.

An elated Robbie stated “I’m excited to represent a brand like Champion. The success they’ve had speaks volumes, and I am happy to be chosen to promote their awesome brand. I also cannot thank my fans enough for their support. Without them, I wouldn’t be here.”  Appreciating the support he has received so far, Derek adds “We aren’t done yet though. We have another month of voting. I cannot wait to see what we can do as a team.” Final round voting and judging begins February 23 and runs through March 23, 2018.

Each stage of the contest comes with a cash prize. Though the prize amount Robbie will receive is dependent on the final round judging, he has decided to use a portion of the winnings to support his Track Day for a Veteran program. The team began this program in 2016 and hosted a US Veteran and guest at several races during the year, making them part of the team for the day. States Robbie, “I am happy to give back the winnings to a great program. To have the Champion name behind our Vet program means a lot to me. I cannot wait to see the smiles on all the veterans faces this season; they are the real champions in our world.” For 2018, the team hopes to increase the number of races they can host a veteran and bring a small amount of joy into their lives.

For fans who would like to help Derek garnish more votes in the contest, you can go to the contest website, register and vote daily.  Visit to see Derek’s video entry and read his story.

The team is also looking for additional financial and personnel support as they strive to conquer the rigors of New England short track racing. For those interesting in learning more about marketing partnerships with the race team, contacted us by email at or by phone at 508-966-7044. During the race season be sure to keep up with the actions through LIVE updates and reviews of race days on Twitter @DerekRobbie, Instagram @Derekracer27 and Facebook at, or . Also be sure to check out and for continuing news about the team.


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