2016 shaping up to be an exciting season for Derek Robbie

2016 shaping up to be an exciting season for Derek Robbie

As the New Year descends upon the racing world, one racer is getting excited about the opportunities in from of him. After coming of a great year where he lost the New England Pro4 Modifieds championship due to a tie breaker,  Derek Robbie looks to take on a new challenge with a V8 powered modified. Another young aspiring racer has purchased the Pro4 and the search for a full mod has begun. The team is weighing its options and evaluating various cars for purchase. Once a car obtained they will move on to creating the best power plant they can. The goal here is have the best possible equipment in their stable to reach for the ultimate goal – wins!

After the car is race ready, we are not done. No,  it is then time up the game for marketing partners. If we want to run at a higher level we need to have marketing partners who understand the value we can bring. We have recently added one new partner but for ultra competitiveness Derek seeks more  marketing partners. This search will continue throughout the year and this is where you, our fans, can help. If you know of anyone who might be interested in reaching new customers, help in growing their business with cutting edge techniques, please introduce us to them. You do not need to ask them for money, let us do the leg work we are just looking for introductions. A simple name with contact info is enough and we’ll do the rest.

So there you have it, a sneak peek at some of the things we have going on for 2016. Nothing fancy just a new car, more hard work and the desire for perfection. Hope to see you all at the track in 2016 and beyond as we begin our quest into V8 powered Mods.

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